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Surrey wide counselling for School clusters


If your cluster of schools would like to employ me as a shared school Counsellor/therapist I charge the cluster for one day at the SENCO rate and offer 5 therapy slots in a day. Each child is referred to the cluster waiting list (administrated by the cluster), and I'll operate each half term out of a different school if required.

Each child is offered a half term's worth of weekly sessions so around 6 sessions lasting 50 minutes. Children and young people aged 7-18 can be seen. After one cycle of therapy the individual can be added to the waiting list for another go around. The estimated cost to each school is low because of sharing the Counsellor providing a simple therapy room or space and as a cluster agreeing the administrative structure you prefer. The shared costs are equivalent to sharing the cost of one day of a SENCO.

I'm well known in Surrey, fully qualified in teaching and Counselling, have a specialist in SEND and fully insured. Please contact me if your cluster of schools would like to buy me in for a term or more.


Surrey wide

Any cluster of schools can invite me to work with them

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Bonita Holland
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  • Updated: 01 Jul 2022