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Happy Steps


Happy Steps has been designed to gather together a whole range of services to help families and individuals strengthen their stepfamilies and to provide training and tools for organisations and family professionals. 

We're constantly adding to the site to offer as much support to stepfamilies as possible, recent additions include a new working partnership with Relate; new accredited partners, trained in Happy Steps philosophy and courses; and a page dedicated to businesses run by stepfamilies across the UK that need your support. 

We can help and support individuals and families in a number of ways including:-   

  •                    How to be a Happy Stepmum book
  •                    A Self Help Guide
  •                    1-1 or Couple Coaching
  •                    Mediation
  •                    A Step Parenting workshop
  •                    Email Counselling

Who to contact

Online enquiry form through website
  • Updated: 26 May 2022