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Core Judo Academy


At Core Judo, we think that children will flourish when they are in the right environment. We try to accomplish this by having a broad range of classes with the coaches extolling the right values, determination, hard work, enjoyment, self-control, and respect. These are many of the founding values of our sport, so it is easy to transfer these fundamental elements of Judo to the children we teach.

Our program is delivered across a five-tier class structure, catered to a broad range of players such as 5-year-old beginners and intermediate level juniors, to British Champions and International medal winners.

The class your child is placed in will be the best class for them. When they are ready to progress, the coach will promote them to the class he feels is right for their continued development and love of judo.

Based at Foxhills Country Club Ottershaw, The River Bourne Club Chertsey, ACS International School Egham.

Who to contact

07776 114 673
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2023