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SEN Talk Mentoring for children


Bespoke online mentoring to support children with ASD/ADHD/SEN to overcome social and emotional difficulties. The SEN Talk mentoring service is very unique, child-centred bespoke and has a holistic approach. A large part of Sen Talk's focus is on the mental health, the social and emotional well-being of the child or young person and aim to help equip the child/young person with their own toolkit to create resilience, self-confidence and understanding of their needs. The sessions themselves are very child-centred and child-led and could involve art, drama, music, mental health centred activities, sensory tool-kit making, mindfulness and a lot of games.

Sen Talk shapes the sessions around the child or young person and pride ourselves on this approach. It’s a safe space for the child to share or work through their difficulties at their pace and in their own bespoke way. Sen Talk is currently designing their own resources and toolkits for the Mentoring Programme and has had many successful sessions since the beginning of lockdown. For more information on mentoring please contact us at

Who to contact

020 7223 1694
  • Updated: 08 May 2021