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Patchwork Autism Support


Patchwork Autism Support offers practical advice and strategies for families and professionals supporting individuals with ASD.

  • What we do:
  • We offer family support including: communication strategies, independence and self-help skills, behaviour support, leisure and play skills, sibling support, managing anxiety and post-diagnosis support for all ages.
  • We offer home-based appointments, ASD specific strategies, 1:1 work, individualised approach, support within the home environment and bespoke support.
  • We offer support for professionals including: practical advice and strategies for staff, coaching and mentoring packages, bespoke training designed for individual settings, INSETs & twilights and support for all phases and types of educational settings.
  • We offer workshops for extended family and community groups and are able to give autism specific support for companies and organisations.

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  • Updated: 13 May 2021