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Online Speech & Language Therapy


Helping children overcome developmental challenges in their speech, language, learning and attention. Our professional team are here to guide our clients and their families every step of the way throughout their journeys. Is online speech therapy right for my child? 

Fun and Modern Approach: By utilising fun and engaging digital technology, Video Therapy is exceptionally child - friendly. Today’s children are comfortable with technology and love using interactive digital game-based activities. 

Flexibility: Book therapy sessions to suit your life

Environment: For shy and more reserved children, video therapy is less intimidating than traditional face-to-face therapy from the comfort of their home.

Parent/Carer Involvement: Video Therapy provides the capacity to remotely log in to recorded sessions for later reference or to be part of the real time session -allowing parents or carers to observe their interaction and progress.

Stress free: Our Video - Therapy sessions are managed from the comfort of your home to eliminate the stress of travel or organising childcare for other children.

What to expect?

Therapy session is 30 minutes (led by a Speech & Language professional)

  • Delivered through play and fun interactive games * Focusing on attention & listening 
  • Helping progress language (e.g., following instructions) 
  • Helping develop and use words and language How we can help:
  • Assessing and identifying difficulties Setting individualised targets
  • One-to-one Video Therapy sessions
  • Group Video Therapy sessions
  • Helping to teach different methods of communication
  • Report for existing client
  • Assessment and detailed report the online therapy session allows parents/carers to take an active part in the therapy process too. It also provides them with a support and techniques to help in their day-to-day routines.



Who to contact

Online enquiry form available through website
  • Updated: 05 Dec 2022